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Fort Worth Resident Alleges Unlawful Search After Horrifying Experience

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In March of this year, Nelda and John Price received a knock at their door after they had settled in for the evening. The two, ages 68 and 69, we’re told, at gunpoint, that police officer had a search warrant for the house. They were forced to wait outside, with their hands zip-tied behind their backs, for four hours while police ransacked their house, causing significant property damage.

The Prices later learned at the police were searching for methamphetamine and evidence of narcotics trafficking. There was nothing noted on the inventory list section of the warrant in the aftermath of its execution.

John Price’s health deteriorated quickly during the ordeal, and officers refused to let him take his blood pressure medications that were sitting inside on the table. Mr. Price was taken to the hospital that night and unfortunately passed away about five weeks after the search warrant was executed.

The Prices’ account with police is described in a wrongful death lawsuit which alleges that the city of Fort Worth violated the Prices’ 4th and 14th Amendment rights against unlawful and unreasonable search, seizure, excessive force, and equal protection under the law.

Right now, it is not clear what information supported the search and whether the police found the evidence that they sought. The city has declined to release an affidavit supporting the warrant.

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